ASICSPACE is a strategically located provider of rackspace for the Bitcoin mining industry. Electricity prices in our area of operation in Washington State are among the best in the World, and 90%+ of our energy comes from hydroelectricity, with most of the rest wind.

How much does hosting cost?

We charge our customers per kW of mining usage. Our rates are between $75 to $90 per kw-month, and no setup fees. See our web store to buy capacity:

What kind of hardware do you accept? Do you only accept rack-mountable hardware?

We accept virtually all types of mining hardware.

How reliable are your services?

We have two reliable ISPs and are not in a power outage prone area. Our uptime exceeds 99%.

Will I have remote access to my miner?

You will have direct access to your miner's internal interface.

In addition we will provide you a personal webpage you can view your miners hashrates in real-time.

Is my miner insured?

We insure all of our customer's miners for their full replacement value.

ASICSPACE hosts Bitcoin miners at our Washington data center.  To learn more, see our FAQ.