Don't be shy because now you can avoid the heat, hassle, and noise of dealing with miners inside your home.


Imagine your miners hashing away in our purpose-built data center!

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If you do not currently have any miners to host, we can recommend to you the best miner deals on the market, and you can ship direct from the manufacturer, so you can avoid paying for customs!

Customers greater than 50 kw should ask us about getting a discount!

Regrettably, hosting does not come with free kitten.

Regrettably, hosting does not come with free kitten.


Table of Fees:

Remote Access Fee: $0

Initial Setup Charge: $0

Web Access Fee: $0

Customs Paperwork Fee: $0

Power Cycle Fee: $0

Shipping Handling Fee: $0

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ASICSPACE hosts Bitcoin miners at our Washington data center.  To learn more, see our FAQ.