Spondoolies spills the beans about their 2015 mining offerings

Spondoolies is known for maintaining great lines of communication with their customers. But as of late, they’ve been mum about their upcoming offerings for 2015.

All this changed in a recent interview between Nermin Hajdarbegovic of Coindesk and Spondoolies CEO Guy Corem. In the interview, Guy let on as to what the plans of the Israeli manufacturer were over the upcoming years.

Other manufacturers, like Black Arrow, Cointerra, and KNCMiner have released the details of their 2015 plans. Universally, they revolve around the release of a new ASIC around designed 14 nm or 16 nm, which employs FinFET, a method to sculpt transistors in 3D.

Spondoolies is doing things a bit differently. Interestingly, they’re working on two projects: a 28 nm design, due early in the year, (around March or April) followed by a 14 nm or 16 nm FinFET design (they won’t say which) later in the year.

To people who watch the industry carefully, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Sticking with a 28 nm design into the next year reflects Spondoolies conservatism, and is in line with their reputation of targeting improvements which are tested and incremental.

Mining companies which have been overly ambitious and hasty in their plans risk meeting a quick demise like bankrupt manufacturer Hashfast.

As Guy explains in his interview, 16 nm wafers are twice as expensive as 28 nm wafers, and mature processes like 28 nm offer better yields.

Spondoolies claims that their offer will be three times more efficient than what some of the more efficient chips are today. Ambitious for sure, but if Spondoolies can nail their design, then their 28 nm ASICs will be stepping stones to a new world where miners have efficiencies of 0.1 J/Gh and beyond.

Read the full interview here:

Coindesk Interview with Guy Corem

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