ASICSPACE shows off Bitcoin mining data center under construction

Have you ever wondered what a Bitcoin mining data center looks like?

Depending on the quality of the build, it can be as simple as a building and a fan, or if the miners are located in an enterprise space, it could include false ceilings and plenums with UPS's and generators.

ASICSPACE is aiming for a happy place between these two extremes. We have no UPS's (uninterrupible power supplies) or backup generators, but we do have a very stable power grid with a transformer waiting on tap in the event anything should go wrong.

We have a good fire detection system, pressure and temperature monitors, and CCTV and motion sensors.

One thing we're doing more than sufficiently is cooling: check out these vents:

We are doing hot aisle cold aisle design, but without strict containment of the aisles. We're using very strong metal racks that can support the weight of heavy miners.


Below you can see a picture taken near the tops of the racks. Check out the cable trays, which carry the circuits to the outlets.

Will still need to run circuits and get inspected, which will be on December 29th, so we will be ready to host your miners starting January 1st!

Get excited. =)


ASICSPACE hosts Bitcoin miners at our Washington data center.  To learn more, see our FAQ.