Bitcoin miner hosting revealed! Ten photos of ASICSPACE's data center.

We've been working hard, installing circuit panels, transformers, shelving, cooling, and much more so we can meet our target launch date of the mine on January 7th, 2015. Have an sneak peek of the interior of our mine via these photographs. Click a photograph to view it in a lightbox.

Here you can see our ducts. We have these lining the walls, pumping enough air through the space to be constantly replacing the hot air generated by miners with cool air.

Here's a closer view of our shelves, and this picture also gives you a sense of the enormous height of the building the mine is in. We are in a windowless concrete building.

Here's a closer view of the tops of the racks. The things you see on the top are cable trays, which carry our circuit wires to the outlets.

Here you can see our primary transformers outside of our building. They convert the line voltage at 13.2 kV down to 480V, three-phase.

We've been doing testing on these transformers to make sure they work correctly since it's been years since they've been in use.


Here's a view of our shelving from the corner. We decided to go with shelves instead of racks, because not all bitcoin miners are designed to be put on racks, and we wanted to be able to accept the widest range of miners possible. You can see the outlets being fed by the cable tray which carry the circuits across the tops of the shelves.

Here's a view showing the top of the shelves that also show's the building's height. Having high ceilings is crucial when it comes to cooling: hot air rises up and is expelled by huge fans we have placed in the sides of the concrete tower.

Here's a close up of our cable trays. See the individual cables running down the cable tray. Each cable contains seven wires: three pairs, with each pair servicing one outlet, and a ground.

Here's a close up of our main switchgear, which is where our primary breakers are at 480V. This unit is rated at 3000 amps.

Here are our secondary transformers. They take current at 480V and transform it down to 208V, which is something the power supplies on miners can accept. We have eight of them here, each rated at 225 kVA.

Our data center is 1300 kW, which is over one megawatt, and 95%+ of our energy comes from renewables (mostly hydroelectric). We are not putting our own miners here, instead we focus on co-location/hosting.

Bitcoin Miner Hosting includes electricity, cooling, and networking, but no free kittens.

Bitcoin Miner Hosting includes electricity, cooling, and networking, but no free kittens.

ASICSPACE hosts Bitcoin miners at our Washington data center.  To learn more, see our FAQ.