Fundamentals of Bitcoin Continue to Improve

By almost any way you slice it, the fundamentals of Bitcoin - the things that should be driving the price higher - have been strengthening at a rapid clip across the past year.

If you'd like to see a bevy of metrics pointing to an exponential increase in interest look no further than Bitcoin Pulse.

In the heady days of late 2013, when Bitcoin was at an all-time high - the number of major businesses which accepted Bitcoin was basically nill. But look at how far we've come: today there's a who's who list of retailers accepting the digital currency, including Dell, Paypal, Microsoft(!), Expedia, Newegg and Overstock.

Disruptive technology operates via a bandwagon effect. If 2015 was a year good to Bitcoin, then we should see it everywhere in 2016. The effect of Microsoft accepting it alone is huge.

Not only that - Bitcoin was the hot topic among venture funds in 2014. Nearly $100M in funding was provided for Bitcoin focused startups, all looking to make the next killer app which makes it easy enough for your grandma to use Bitcoin.

Facebook blew $19B on WhatsApp this year, while the Bitcoin market cap has stagnated around $5B.

For what has been heralded as a revolution in money what gives? Why isn't the price increasing?

Rumors abound. Some say the price is manipulated. Other posit that adoption does not necessarily lead to an increase in price. Unfortunately, markets can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.

I'm unabashedly a long term bull on Bitcoin, but the market needs a few cycles of shaking weak hands before sustaining another rally.

I believe it's only a matter of time until we see a healthy rise in the price, and this time it will be due to improved fundamentals, and not necessarily wild speculation.

Others disagree, saying the price is headed to $100, doomed to sink into oblivion and never return. Such apocalyptic sentiments though, make me smile, as Bitcoin will only find the strength to break free and rise when it's least expected.

2014: a great year for Bitcoin adoption but a terrible year for bagholders who bought in during the previous bubble.

That's the way it's always been in the Bitcoin world: volatile, with fortunes to be lost and gained either way. Cheers to an exciting 2015.

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